Monday, 18 November 2013

Sweets Paradise in Tenjin

För en par veckor sen åkte jag, Misaki och Anastasia in till Tenjin för att gå på Sweets Paradise. Jag var på Sweets Paradise några gånger när jag bodde i Kyoto också, och det är alltså tårtbuffé som kostar 1480 yen (100 kr) för 70 minuter. De har även lite mat som pasta och curry om man skulle behöva äta lite salt emellan all tårta och kaka!

A couple of weeks ago me, Misaki and Anastasia went to Tenjin to go to Sweets Paradise. I went to Sweets Paradise a few times when i lived in Kyoto as well, and it's a cake buffé that costs 1480 yen for 70 minutes. They also have some food like pasta and curry if you need to eat something salty inbetween all the cakes!

Min (första) tallrik :P
// My (first) plate :P

Dom har pyntat extremt infor jul i centrum också
// They went crazy with Christmas decorations in the center
Sen tog vi lite purikura också såklart!
// And of course we also took some purikura!
Sjukt snygga tjejer ;D
// Such pretty girls ;D


  1. Oh I love Sweets Paradise, we went there sooo often! It's really cheap for what you can eat there and the cake's are really good. I always start with lots of cake until I can't take it, then switch over to salty fat food just to come back to cakes 10 minutes before its over :D

    1. Haha yes, i do that too! It's a really awesome place :3

  2. Aahhh Sweets Paradise alltså<3<3<3