Friday, 6 January 2012

Umeå New Years Eve and beginning of 2012

Är tillbaka från Umeå igen och det är ju inte så värst kanske haha.. Dessutom åker min bror tillbaka till Falun på söndag, så då har jag inte ens nån att se på film med på nätterna :C
Men i Ume var det riktigt roligt! Kommer ladda upp en stor bildbomb nu, är så dålig på ta kort när det är lite mörkt, så sorry över att kvalitén är sådär!

I'm back from Umeå again and it kinda sucks! My brother's going back to falun on sunday too, so then i won't even have anyone to watch movies with at night :C
But i had a great time in Ume! And now it's time for a picture bomb. Sorry about the bad quality on some of the pics, i just can't take photos if it's a it dark haha

On the evening i got there (30th) we exchanged christmas gifts and just hung out
Linnéa with one of her gifts :3
This is what i got! :D The cup i so great! haha..
We've had this inside joke that i'm  a super villain called "banana girl" ever since
we lived in Japan. Have no idea how it started though!

New years eve!
We had watched a Lady Gaga spoof the day before, so naturally we started doing this ^^
Kajsa even had the typical Gaga hat ;P
Happy new year!!
So annoyed the guy on tv counted in the year the wrong way...(does that sentence even make sence??)

hahah what a great photo
Then we went upstairs to watch all the fireworks,
and Linnéa played a few songs on her new electric cello she got for christmas!
I had my natural curls/waves that night since i didn't have time to fix it.
That's why it looks so frizzy!
Wore the new blue jacket i got for christmas
Went to bed at around 5.30 after a great night!

Failed attempt to take a jumping picture when it's a bit dark haha
Went into town on monday to check out the sales and to go to a café and such 
(fan jag vill ha ett ordentligt ord för fika!)
My nails. Added a silver stripe to the clack and red ones when i got home though.
At a nice café in town

Tried to take a photo of the top i got for christmas
Here's what i got on sale haha.. The fur collar i've been eyeing for quite some time, and now it
was only 30 kr (like 3 euro), so i couldn't resist! also the matching tale was 20 kr so ^^
Well, that was all for now! I'm gonna watch the new Vampire diaries episode now and probably eat more candy and continue to get fatter ;P

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