Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Gifts and James' birthday party

Det känns löjligt att uppdatera om vad jag fick i julklapp, som att jag vore 12 ungefär. Men jag fick så mycket fint av alla så jag kan inte hålla mig! Haha. Här är iaf de större grejerna jag fick.
Sen lägger jag även upp en par bilder från när Krikka var här och hälsade på och vi var in till stan för att fira James som hade fyllt år.

It feels so silly to update about what i got for christmas, like i'm 12 or something. But i got so many great things from everybody that i just have to! Haha. Here's some of the bigger things i got.
I'm also posting some pics from when Krikka came to visit after christmas and we went to celebrate James' birthday.

Baking stuff i got! The muffin maker and icing set from Krikka's parents
and the book from my parents.
The two movies from Krikka (also got a blanket with sleeves from him!)
Gaga book and sex and the city box from my parents
Red sweater from my parents, grey sweater (love it! i was so close to buying it myself before christmas) and the double ring with a cross, from my brother
and the top from my grandfather (yeah, mom picked it out)
And this is what i got from Anneli!

Aand this i just because i love my over decorated christmas tree and have to take it down now ^^
Made gingerbread cupcakes with white chocolate mousse
Maria and the edamame mustache
Played twister! I rule haha.. my only talent maybe..
This is Patrik and James ^^
Only Maria and Jenny made the bus into town!
We got left behind and had to take a cab

With Katarina!
Later today i'm gonna go into town and meet up with Maria and later also Anneli. Me and Anneli are going to Make up store's clubevening. 20% off and sale, yay!


  1. Snygg man är som vanligt :D

    Alla andra är väldigt fina. Och muffinsarna - fab! Inte törs man äta upp den med en kawaii pengin på :O

  2. Du är alltid fin juu!
    Jag slukade pingvinen det första jag gjorde haha XD kändes lite hemskt dock ^^

  3. Well,excuse me but my facebook happened to put your profile pic on my instead of my picture.
    So,I need to see how you are and ask you if you had done anything to it or it's just fb's fault.

    if you need to see the evidence pls contact me.

  4. Beautiful Christmas tree!! I love the cupcake! :)

    P.s. U are welcome to check out my fashion blog anytime! Thecabinetoffashion.blogspot.com