Friday, 14 October 2011

Stuff i "need"

Okay, so the only thing i actually need is a new computer, mine hardly works anymore. But the other things i reeeally want, so i kinda need them, right? ^^

Yeeah, i'm not even gonna try to make a nice collage out of this, i just can't do stuff like that haha..
And what the hell happened? I used to think that the Jeffrey Campbell shoes (especially the Lita's) were the ugliest shoes ever, and that they looked like clown shoes. And now i so want them. I blame Tumblr.

Hopefully i'll get a job in the not so far future (yeah right) so i can at least buy a new computer.. And maybe some hair :3 My own started falling out D:  So i have to cut it again buhu.. i'll never get long hair..
Anyways! That's it..hah

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