Thursday, 13 October 2011

Gets from Malta

Tänkte jag skulle göra ett litet inlägg om grejer jag fick med mig från Malta :) Inte mycket, men tänkte ändå lägga upp det.

Just posting about the stuff that i got in Malta :) Didn't get a lot, but still worth sharing i think.

Got the sweather from Zara, itäs really nice irl with gold in it. And the bag is from Debenhams ^^
(apparently i don't smile in pictures)
I've been looking for a bag like this one for a while, but haven't really found any that i've likes.
I was surprised to find this at Debenhams when i was there with my mom, i love it!
The fur ball is from Zara :3
Haha the wind started blowing right when i took the picture, that's why my awkward hand is there..
With the bow i felt like i was in high school again or something lol

Also some accessories. Ring from Accessorize, earrings and falsies from claire's and the
bow necklace from Debenhams
I think the ring is so cute ;_;
Also got this lovely pendant from a jewlery shop
And also, booze!! XD


  1. Augh, these pictures are so pretty! I really like the one where you are brushing your hair away. Nice booze get too! XD

  2. Thank you <3 heheh yep, måste ju passa på när det är billigt ;P wish we could party together!