Saturday, 9 July 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday

I got really sick wednesday night, don't know what hit me! But i'm starting to feel a bit better now, so hopefully i wount have to stay in bed all day tomorrow too.. It's typical that you get sick whenever you have a lot of fun plans and the weathers great right?

Anyways, this tuesday i met up with Sara, we had planned on going fo a walk, but it was really hot outside so we ended up just chilling in a park by the water.
Took a lot of pics and recorded a nice video haha xD

On wednesday was Katarinas birthday! We started celebrating on her balcony with a big ass cake she had made :3 The weather was so great, so it was really nice being able to sit outside. After that we went to Brunkullan (Corazon) and hung out there. I left at midnight though. I had a great night, even though i got really sick later haha
I wanted to wear my new underlashes, but i'm always running late so i didn't have the time X(
Birthday Girl making a cake!

Poplar rain!
w/ Maria!
Stupid pic haha
but i just wanted to show of my shorts from Gina Tricot that i really like! :D

I didn't bother writing in swedish this entry, it's too hot in here to do both lol


  1. That is.. a big cake.

    Love the new pair of shorts! And, daaamn nice legs! ;)

  2. tårtspaden slukades av den! XD

    Thank you love ;)

  3. Vad hände med mongobilden? I wantss to seeee it again. Hahaha, jag dör av bara tanken på den :D

  4. Hahaha jag visste inte om du var okej med att jag la ut den XD Finast!