Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Stockholm // only two weeks left until Japan!!

För ungefär en och en halv vecka sen åkte jag ner till Stockholm för att hämta upp mitt visum inför Japan. Passade samtidigt på att bo över hos Anneli och hänga med henne en par dagar innan jag åkte vidare till Christopher.
Vi hann med en hel del! Förutom att hämta upp mitt visum på Japanska ambassaden så hann vi fika en massa, shoppa lite, hälsa på Emelie i hennes fina hus och gå på Gröna Lund.

About a week and a half ago i took a train down to Stockholm to pick up my visa at the Japanese embassy. Since Anneli just bought an apartment in Stockholm i got to stay at her place for a couple of days. We ate too much sweets, went shopping, visited Emelie in her cute house and went to an amusement park called Gröna Lund.

We had yummy blueberry and apple pies!
Emelie has three adorable cats, here's her ragdoll Taube!

They also had fireworks in the end of the night for ten minutes!

How we look on a rollercoaster! XD Hahah.. Anneli had never ridden a rollercoaster before!
Then we walked into town again, it was so nice outside

Om två veckor är jag i Tokyo också! Helt otroligt vad snabbt tiden går! Sista veckan här hemma nu, och jag har Linnéa hos mig till på lördag :D

It's only two weeks until i leave for Japan! It's my last weeks at my parents place, and Linnéa is here visiting until saturday :D


  1. omfg that rollercoaster looks so scary! its crazy!!
    yayyy have fun in japan<3

    1. haha i know right?! XD
      Thank youu!<3

  2. Hihih :D
    Looks like you had so much fun! There can never be too much sweets, well, maybe sometimes. :P

    Taube is sooo cute! ♥ I'm so jealous of your trip to Japan, but have fun, looking foward seing your posts. ^^

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Yeah sometimes ;P
      Thanks! I'll try to make better posts when i'm there ^^

  3. I wanna go on that Rollercoaster!!~
    Ahhhh! :D


    1. Haha! ^^ Yeah, rollercoasters are awesome! (But scary lol)

  4. Hi sweetheart! its been awhile! so pretty has usual!

  5. Hallöchen,
    da ich aus Sachsen-Anhalt bin, wollte ich nur mal liebe Grüße hinterlassen und wünsche dir viel Erfolg mit deiner Seite.