Sunday, 10 June 2012

A stop in Eskilstuna

Hii! Right now i'm at Christopher's place in Eskilstuna. I got here yesterday and gonna stay over the weekend until i continue back home on monday. Tomorrow we're gonna have a series night with some of his friends again just like last time i was here. Wonder wich new shows i'll get introduced to this time? ^^
Here's some pictures from yesterday and today

Hej hej! Är för närvarande i Eskilstuna hos Christopher. Kom hit igår och kommer stanna här över helgen innan jag förtsätter hemåt på måndag. Imorgon blir det seriekväll igen med några av hans kompisar, precis som sist jag var här. Får se vilka nya serier man blir introducerad till denna gång? ^^
Här kommer lite bilder från gårdagen och idag

I was waiting for Christpher at the train station while he was having his final class at school
But the sun was shining and i had my book (wich actually blew away one time..) so it was fine!
Then we went to have some food :3 
My food, beef and vegetable wok
In the evening we went to have some drinks with some of his friends
I tried a Somersby with blackberry flavour that i haven't seen before, it was quite good.
After that it was movie time! Watched Promethius, thought it was pretty cool :3
Todays "look" haha.. I love H&M's cheap dresses!

It has not been snowing! People are graduating from high school and was being driven
around in trucks screaming today, it was not a great day to be in town ^^
Anyways, someone made a lot of foam in a fountain >>

Tonight we rented Kung fu panda 1 and 2 ^^ And now we're going to watch some series before going to bed. We'll se what we're gonna do tomorrow in the day, though about going to a mall maybe :)

Nu ikväll har vi hyrt Kung fu panda 1 och 2 ^^Och nu ska vi kika på nån serie innan vi går och lägger oss. Får se vad vi hittar på imorgon på dagen, funderar lite på att gå till ett shopping center som ligger en bit bort kanske :)


  1. oh the pictures on the lake look to beautiful ^.^I really like to be on relaxing places too! your blog looks very cool, would you like to follow each other?

    1. It was really nice there :3 Thank you! Sure thing :)

  2. omg, so beautiful pictures!!! ^^

    1. It was so nice there :3 thanks ^^

  3. gorgeous pictures! I like the flowers so much

  4. Beautiful pictures, I'm amazed *---*
    The lake/river is absolutely stunning!

  5. Hej, jag skriver till dig för att jag vet att du kikat in på min blogg förr & tänkte bara säga att jag har nu gjort det enklare för mina läsare att följa min blogg! Jag har startat en Facebook sida där jag kommer att uppdatera om saker som händer på bloggen :)


    Ha en bra dag fina du! Hoppas du fortsätter att kika in på min blogg ibland, kram!