Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A few more pictures from our weekend

Can't say that anything interesting has happened the last coupple of days. I'm just at home, or at the cabin trying to make it look a little nicer for midsummer, since we're spending it there. I don't know how many we're gonna be there yet, but sadly Ninlil, Kim, and Emely couln't come as planned :(
So, here's a few photos from last weekend. I had a bunch, buut not so many that looked good haha

Det har inte direkt hänt något intressant de senaste dagarna. Jag har mest varit hemma, eller i stugan och försökt få det att se lite bättre ut. Vi ska fira midsommar där, vet dock inte riktigt hur många vi blir än, men det visar sig. Tyvärr kunde inte Ninlil, Kim och Emely komma som vi hade planerat :(
Så här är en par bilder från helgen. Jag hade en hel del, men inte så många som jag känner för att lägga ut haha

On my way to the bus into town.
Have to walk about 20 minutes to the bus stop, and there's only like two buses per day haha
Tried to take outfit photo for when we went out but i always feel so awkward..
So the pictures always turnes out something like this!
Anneli is always super cute though!
We sat in a park, drinking wine, for a while. It was nice, but we had to hide the wine all the time since social services was walking around. Probably because it had been the final day in school for a lot of people. Felt like we were 16 or something though, when having to hide drinking haha
And then we went to O'learys and danced until closing time.
The day after Anneli felt good, me not so much XD So we just watched some series and a couple of Ryan Gosling movies

Tomorrow Christopher is coming, i think i'm gonna make him help me rake and clean at the cabin haha XD And then it's midsummer! Looking forward to it.

Imorgon kommer Christopher, tror jag ska tvinga honom att hjälpa mig kratta och städa i stugan XD
Och sen är det midsommar! Ser fram emot det.


  1. I love your outfit and your tattoo! Your friend Annie's also so cute (: And I know what you mean, I always feel super akward when trying to let somebody take a picture of my outfit u_u" That's why I wanna invest into a tripod so I can do it alone and doesn't need to feel awkward ^^"

    1. Thanks you! :) haha yeah i know XD i also really want a tripod! then you can try a lot of poses out without feeling all stupid ;P

  2. Snögga du! När kommer du hem?

    1. Jag är hemma! :D Detta var ju i Öset :3 och Brunflo ;P

  3. Lovely outfit! the shorts looks great! ^^