Thursday, 31 May 2012

Picnic with classmates

A couple of days ago we got an email from our teacher Watanabe, suggesting that we all should have a picnic or something before peolpe leave for Japan (some of the people are going to summer school in Gifu, i have no money though haha) and such. So yesterday we met up at Botanical garden and had a picnic! The weather's gotten colder and rainy lately, but luckily the sun came out, so we could have our little party outside!

För en par dagar sen fick vi ett mail av vår lärare Watanabe som föreslog att vi skulle ha en picknick eller något liknande innan folk från klassen åker till Japan (vissa ska på sommarkurs i Gifu, men jag har inga pengar haha) och andra ställen. Så igår möttes vi upp i Botaniska trädgården och hade picknick! Vädret har varit kallare och regnigt den senaste tiden, men vi hade så tur att solen sken, så vi kunde ha vår lilla fest utomhus!

My really casual look, bought that top at sale at Ginatricot, it's so comfy :3
My hips look crazy though haha
While waiting for the others to come, someone else came to visit us ^^
We then moved to a bigger place and ate curry that Watanabe-sensei had made! Soo good :D
Then the visitor came back haha
Jessica and Ami :3
Eric and Yoshiko :)
Watanabe-sensei wanted a picture with us girls (Yoshiko took the photo), looks so natural right? ;D
I look like a man..>> Hahah
Played some games. Oh Albina haha XD
Went to a junkie bathroom, where they now have blue light so you're not supposed to be able to see your veins or something XD
The guys started to sing, i don't really remember why.. But why not right? ^^
And so did Yoshiko, beer can mic is the best :D
Ending this post with a photo of Jessica, Albina and me, and our faces that dissapeared in the sun


  1. det ser så trevligt och mysigt ut, men det var det ju också ^ ____ ^
    Killarna var söta när de sjöng <3

    1. Ja, det var himla mysigt ju :3 Och ja, det var dom ju haha ^^

  2. You are so pretty. I like your hair too!

  3. Oh your style for that day was lovely! Like the hairdo and the outfit you had! :) I didn't know that you learn Japanese too? When did you start? I think it's nice to have a picnic since some people are leaving, it's a sweet idea ^^

    1. Thanks a lot! :) In like 2006 maybe? i took night classes, and then a while later i lived in Kyoto for 1 year and 8 moths :3 Now i just want to maintain what i learnt in Japan really (and go back ofc haha)

  4. åh vad fin du är. älskar de nya linserna!!

    1. <3 känns lite skumt med blå linser, men det är rätt okej ^^