Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A very random update

I know i've been really bad at updating lately. It started with me having the zombie eyes, so i couldn't wear make up, wich made me not really wanna be in pictures. And since then i'ce just forgotten to take any pictures! Haha.. Over the past couple of weeks i've been home over a weekend where i said goodbye to Sara that has now gone off to live in Osaka. Chris came to Lund to visit me over the next weekend, i got the highest grade on my midterm exams (yay) and also Ninlil is finally back from Japan!
I'm just gonna upload some random pics that i've taking with my iphone during this time now ^^

Okay, so me and some friends from the university was sitting in the uni's café one day.
When i looked over to where the bread is. One slice of bread had fallen out of the basked
and landed standing up?? It looked so damn funny haha 
When you're watching a movie or tv-series and someone calles you and you hit paus,
you often get these reeeally nice pics right? XD
Flowers are everywhere in Lund right now! :D
Sorry about the black "frame" but it's from my instagram..

Got a very nicelly wrapped top that i ordered from Zara the other day, small things that make you happy ;) 
Here's the top!
When Ninlil got home we went to eat falafel in town :) 
And rented "the beaver" with Mel Gibson. Such a strange movie haha.. 
Glitter nailpolish on black base from H&M that i really like.
I have easter holiday (for two weeks, what?) right now. So i'm visiting Chris in Eskilstuna. Yesterday we went to the movies and watched "The hunger games" which we really enjoyed, and tonight we're going to have a tv-series evening with some of his friends, where we watch the first episode of different shows. Looking forward to it!
On thursday i'm going back to my parents place for a week and a half, really looking forward to that to!  Can't wait to see Anneli <3 Hope that my brother will be able to come home over easter aswell :)

I'll try to remember to take pictures from now on so i have something to blog about! XD

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  1. Can't wait to see you either! <3