Sunday, 15 April 2012

Some pictures from friday night

Jag och Anneli hade en riktigt rolig utekväll i fredags när vi firade hennes födelsedag. Trots att vi kanske drack lite mycket haha, men det är inte direkt många gånger det har hänt.
Vi började hemma hos Anneli, tog sen bussen in till stan och tog en drink på Solo. Sen gick vi vidare till O'learys där vi stannade till stängning och hann precis med sista bussen hem. Gårdagen spenderade vi med film, serier, godis och cheesecake ^^

Me and Anneli had a great night out on friday celebrating her birthday. We might have had a little bit too much to drink though haha, but that hardly never happens so it's fine.
We started at Anneli's place, then took the bus into town and had a drink at a bar called Solo. Then we went to a sports bar/ club called O'learys and stayed there until closing time and just made the last bus back home. Yesterday we spent all day in the couch with a movie, series, candy and cheesecake ^^

I'm being a bit lazy and using some of the pics from instagram aswell here ;)

Got this skirt at Gina tricot for only 79 kr (like 7 -8 euros)
I really like aztec pattern and it looks like it's gonna be a lot of that this season so that's nice!
Also got this bird ring on sale. I've been eyeing it before, so now that it was on sale i couldn't resist it anymore
How my hair and make up looked that night
With the birthday girl!

Sort of outfit picture
Och eftersom Filip och Fredik var i stan var vi såklart tvungna att ta kort med iaf Filip! haha
These two Swedish Tv- celebrities was at the club, so we had to take a  pic with at least one of them! haha

Så det var alla okej bilder från den kvällen.
Imorgon åker jag tillbaka till Lund igen och skolan börjat. Jag har inte pluggat nånting överhuvudtaget såklart så jag känner mig rätt stressad. Tågresan tar iaf 12 timmar så jag har ju mycket tid att plugga då iaf.

Yup yup, so that's the pictures i have from the night.
Tomorrow i'm going back to Lund again, school's back on and i haven't studied anything at all this holiday (ofc) so i'm a little stressed out. Well, the train ride back is 12 hours, so i'll have lots of time to study then!

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