Sunday, 6 October 2013

Daily life is starting

Nu har lektionerna dragit igång, även fast vi bara har haft introduktionsvecka än där man får gå på vilka lektioner man vill och prova på för att sen välja kurser. Just nu har jag alldeles för många jag vill ta, så jag måste försöka gallra lite. Det här inlägget skrev jag egentligen innan vi åkte iväg på ännu en utflykt med utbytesstudenterna och våra faddrar, denna gång till museum, onsen och ett slott. Men jag hann aldrig lägga ut det innan vi åkte iväg.
Lite såhär såg delar av min vecka ut:

Our lessons have started, even though we've only had introduction week yet where we get to go to all the classes and try it out and then choose which classes you want to take. I have to many i want to take, so i have to think about that. I actually wrote this post yesterday morning before we went on another trip with the exchange students and our JD mates. This time to a museum, onsen and a castle.But never had time to upload it.
My week looked a little like this:

Åt goda crêpes! //Ate yummy crêpes!

Hade på mig min nya klänning från LizLisa när vi åkte in till centrum, Tenjin
//Wore my new dress from LizLisa when we went into the center, Tenjin
Såg den här hängda stackarn på en arkad! Haha
//Saw this poor guy hanged at an arcade! Haha
Gick på restaurang där man steker sin egen mat och åt yakisoba
//Went to a restaurant where you fry your own food and ate yakisoba
Vi tog tåget till stationen Sakado för att kolla in ett större Aeon shoppingcenter.
Denna skylt mötte oss "Akta er för antastare!!"

//Took the train to a station called Sakado to check out a bigger Aeon mall.
This sign greated us "Watch out for molestors!!"

Jag började tvivla på mina google skills dock, kunde det verkligen ligga ett stort shoppingcenter här ute?
//I started to doubt my google skills though. Could there really be a big mall out here?
Ja, det kunde det! Jag åt riktigt god gyoza med ost ovanpå och råkade handla två tröjor på rea och ett par skor ^^
//Yes, there was! I then are really good gyoza with cheese on top, and bought two sweaters on sale and a pair of shoes ^^
En annan dag såg jag ut såhär i vår skitiga badrumsspegel. Jag kämpar fortfarande på i nära 30 grader med långärmat för att gömma tatueringen en par veckor haha..

//And one day i looked like this in our dirty bathroom mirror. I'm still in long sleeves to try to hide my tattoo for the first couple of weeks haha.. even though it's around 30 degrees...


  1. Hey, so good to see that you're all good at Fukuoka! Never been there but I hope I will someday :) How long are you staying there..? And why do you try to hide your tattoo? You really shouldn't do that at 30°C! My friend had her whole arm covered and she had no problems other that she was prohibited to go into the pool (but we went anyway ^^) Love the dress you're wearing on the first pic! Wish you a good time :) xo

    1. Thanks! :) I'm here for a year. Yeah i know.. i skipped it today haha. Bur i just didn't want the teachers and others to maybe judge me before the got to know me. My teachers in Sweden said that they might be more narrow minded in the south, but i don't know. So i'll stop hiding it soon ^^
      haha you did? Good for you guys! I snuck into onsen yesterday :P
      Hope you're doing good!

    2. Haha we snuck into Onsen too! But I think as long as the people who work there don't see it... the Japanese women we bathed with were super nice and curious more than judgy. But I can understand your idea, it sucks when you get misjudged by your appearance. Hope you have a great time, I'll be studying in Tokyo again from April next year :D

    3. That's nice that they reacted that way! Thank you :) Oh, that's so great! :D

  2. Bild nummer 3....absolutely gorgeous! <3

  3. Men vilken fin klänning! Och fin tjej.

  4. Älskar din klänning!! LizLisa gör så fina kläder!

    1. Tack! Ja, jag älskar verkligen också deras kläder!