Thursday, 30 May 2013

Last day of school

Förra fredagen hade vi en liten avslutning på universitetet efter de sista opponeringarna. Att det redan snart gått en vecka! Nu ska jag bara fixa det sista på uppsatsen så är jag helt klar med skolan innan sommaren. Såhär såg sista dagen ut iaf:

Last friday we had a sort of graduation thingy at the university. It's almost been a week, crazy! I just have some more work on my thesis then i'm done. This is how our last day looked like:

With friends from our class, Albina, Elin and Anastasia
Our examinator for the thesis on the left, and three of our awesome teachers
Then our teachers gave us four bottles of sparkling wine! Isak with two of them ^^
Anastasia was party cult kei-inspired with shironuri make up that day
Then we all went to the park to drink the wine and celebrate a little. Ninlil joined as well!
Love this photo of Eric and Josef! ^^

Then me and Ninlil bought loads of chips, met up with Julia and had a girls night at my place

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