Saturday, 1 December 2012

My birthday!

Förra lördagen fyllde jag år, och bestämde mig för att åka hem till Christopher och fira lite där. På fredagen gick vi på bio med Fredrik, såg Argo som var riktigt spännande!
Fick alldeles för mycket presenter och tårta haha.. inte för att jag klagar ;) På kvällen åkte vi hem till Johannes och Emma i Gävle. Min brorsa kom även dit från Falun, så det var riktigt kul! Vi gick ut en sväng på Allstar, är väldigt nöjd att Johannes fick in oss på gästlistan så vi slapp betala inträde och fick billigare i baren ^^ Vi avslutade kvällen med att gå hem till dem igen och spela lite TP. Är så glad att jag åkte dit för att fira, var kul att träffa lite folk igen!

Last saturday was my birthday, and i decided to go and celebrate it with Christopher. On friday we went to the movies with Fredrik and saw Argo. It was a really thrilling movie.
On my birthday i got way too many pressents and cake haha.. not that i'm complaining ;) In the evening we went to Johannes and Emma's place in Gävle, and my brother came there from Falun as well, so that was really great! We went out to a place calles Allstar a while. We were lucky that Johannes got us in on the guestlist so we didn't have to pay enterence fee and got cheaper drinks in the bar ^^ We finished the night by going back to their place and playing some TP. I'm really glad i went there for my birthday, it was great to hang out again!

We got free popcorn for the movie because the subtitles were late! Haha
Making juice ^^
Blurry bathroom picture yup yup
My brother bought me a birthday drink! It was an icecream drink with
olive oil and salt flakes in it. Sounds weird but it was really good!

Me and Christopher.
I'm going home next weekend and i'll make sure to bring my camera cord that i forgot this summer ^^
So the blurry pics might get better when i can start using my camera again lol

Did Patrik and Johannes get engaged? :O

För tillfället förfestar jag för mig själv här, och känner mig lite som en alkis haha.. Men jag ska möta upp med Ninlil och Karl m.fl för 90-tals fest vid tio! Ska bli kul att se hur alla ser ut! Haha

Right now i'm actually pre-partying on my own, feeling a little bit like a drunk haha.. But i'm meeting upp with Ninlil and Karl and maybe a few more for a 90s themed party at 10pm! Gonna be fun to see how everyone looks! Haha



  1. Happy Birthday to you! : D The drink sounds werid... Haha... but I am sure it is delicious!

    1. Thank you! Yeah it was XD But weird and delicious haha

  2. Happy belated birthday! I'm glad you had such a nice time with all your loved ones around :)

  3. Happy belated birthday! Look like you've had a great time!
    Your hair looks great! :)
    Wish i could be there!~

  4. hi there! nice to see your BLOG! did pplz ever tell u that u look so much like Taylor Swift. You are just so gorgeous!

    1. Hey! No, i had never heard anyone say that before actually! But thank you! :D