Friday, 24 February 2012


Okay, so have you tried this? The fluffernutter? If you haven't you should! It's so weird haha.. And it might be one of the most unhealthiest sandwiches ever xD
This is how you do it! (I mean, you could neeever figure this out without pictures, nonono! Okay, i'm bored from studying..)

Get peanut butter (i like the crunchy kind the best) and marshmallow fluff
Spread it on very unhealthy white bread!
Then smack them together, and tadaa - you get a fluffernutter!
(no i did not have it for breakfast! haha)
Anyways, Ninlil is at work, and i was supposed to get up at 9am to study kanji and such and then go for a walk or something. What happened? Well, my phone died so i woke up at 11.30 by our neighbours drilling in the walls. So i'm still at home with my kanjis, but i think i'm gonna go out soon anyways, it's 10 degees C outside!
Hope you enjoy the sandwich that i take for granted everyone's gonna make now!

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