Friday, 19 August 2011

DIR EN GREY in Holland

Nu är jag hemma för en dag igen! (Innan jag åker ner till Sandviken igen imorrn), så jag tänkte passa på att uppdatera med lite bilder från när vi var till Holland och såg Dir en grey.

Eindhoven - Den Bosch - Utrecht - Amsterdam och så tillbaka igen haha.. dåligt med tåg och buss vi åkte under de dagarna ^^

I'm home for a day again! So i thought i should take the time to update with some pictures from when we went to Holland and saw Dir en grey.
Eindhoven - Den Bosch - Utrecht - Amsterdam and back again haha.. let's just say that we spent a lot of time riding trains and buses ^^

Sara :3 Waiting in Stockholm
Church in Den Bosch

Yup, we got two bottles of free wine at our hostel in Utrecht!
Just a little windy ^^ Sara, Hollie and Ashley
Borrowed this pic of me and Malin from Sara's Facebook! :)
Lovely girls before the show! Malin, Ashley, Hollie, Sara and Juliette

We had VIP passes for the concert. So we got to meet the band,
got some stuff and were able to cut before in line
Went to Amsterdam with Malin on our last day in Holland!
We were such tourists XD

Här är setlisten iaf om nån är intresserad! ^^
Here's the setlist if anyone's interested!

Kyoukotsu no Nari, Hageshisa to Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami, Obscure, Lotus, Red Soil, Agitated Screams of Maggots, "Yokusou ni Dreambox" Aruiwa Seijuku no Rinen to Tsumetai Ame, Decayed Crow, Dozing Green, Hydra -666-, Shokubeni, Tsumi to Kisei, Different Sense, Amon, Zan, E: Ain't Afraid to Die, Reiketsu Nariseba, Rasetsukoku

Konserten var riktigt bra! Jag blev dock riktigt besviken att jag inte lyckades få front row trots vip. Blev utträngd av en tjej som spenderade hela konserten med att ta bilder, så irriterande!
Hursom är Holland ett riktigt vackert land!

The show was great! But i was so disapointed that i didn't get first row even though we had vip.. got pushed out by a girl who spend the entire show taking pictures, soooo annoying!
But anyways, Holland is truely a beautiful country!


  1. Great photos! I really want to go to Holland now, haha. Not too shabby with two free bottles of wine either. :D

  2. we should totally go there together!! would be great :D

  3. ahhh reading this brings back such lovely memories~! i wish we could all do this again some time~

    1. yeah it was so much fun! i really hope we can some time, would be so great :3